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To build the instant molecular diagnostic system, Ustar has developed Cross Priming Amplification technology(CPA) and Reagent Vitrification technology and applied into specific products development.

The CPA technology with independent intellectual property rights in China, using multiple cross-linked primers, that a DNA target sequence can be amplified at a constant temperature. 

The Reagent vitrification technology is our another unique technology that the original liquid biological enzyme be solidified into "glass state" by non crystallization dehydration, which can be preserved for a long time in low oxygen and low humidity environment. All biological enzyme and other reagents are preloaded in a cartridge that effectively reduce the storage and transportation costs and maintains enzyme activity and improves the stability of reaction system.

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It is a class of isothermal amplification reactions that is carried out by a strand displacement DNA polymerase and does not require an initial denaturation step or the addition of a nicking enzyme. At the assay temperature of 63℃, the formation of a primer-template hybrid at transient, spontaneous denaturation bubbles in the DNA templates is favored over re-annealing of the template strands by the high concentration of primer relative to template DNA. Strand displacement is encouraged by the annealing of cross primers with 5’ ends that are not complementary to the template strand and the binding of a displacement primer upstream of the crossing primer. The resulting exponential amplification of target DNA is highly specific and highly sensitive, producing amplicons from as few as four bacterial cells.The reaction time at constant temperature is short, a large number of amplified products can be obtained within 15-30min, and the single detection item is less than 75 min. In addition, the constant temperature design makes the equipment do not need complex temperature control module, reducing the cost of the equipment.