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Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Analysis Platform

The fully automated nucleic acid analysis platform enables "samples in/results out" with a single click of button. Without special requirements for operators or environments, it is an ideal tool for on-site diagnosis of infectious diseases, genetic mutations, and gene expression variations.

Instrument-free Nucleic Acid Extraction Device

No need of any instruments, this product purifies nucleic acid from biological samples in 3 manual steps, making it applicable to resource-limited areas and on-site operations.


Crossing Priming Iisothermal Amplification technology (CPA)

Cross-priming Isothermal Amplification is the nucleic acid amplification technology. Using specially designed primers and probe, CPA enables ultra-fast isothermal amplification of target nucleic acid in 8 minutes.

Glassification technology for reagent preservation

Glassification enhances the resistance and resilience of biological products to high temperatures. This technology allows for ambient transportation and storage of biological reagents, thus entirely frees them from reliance on cold-chain transportation.


Disposable Nucleic Acid Detection Device

This product detects amplicons of target nucleic acid in air-tight conditions, thus minimizes the risk of DNA aerosol contamination. This product applies to resource-limited areas and on-site operations, where a standard PCR laboratory is not readily available.

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